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Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference 14.-16. November 2017 - Finnska sendiráðið, Reykjavík : Efst á baugi


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Fréttir, 17.10.2017

Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference 14.-16. November 2017

We all want a sustainable Arctic. How can we get it? Come and seek solutions at The Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit Conference 14.-16. November 2017, which focuses on combining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Arctic.


As the chair of the Arctic Council Finland aims to enhance connections between the Arctic Council and the core policies of the United Nations, particularly in the fields of sustainable development goals and the climate change agenda.

While the Conference in itself is not part of any international process, in the wider context it is very much that. The Finnish Chairmanship program of the Arctic Council says the following: “The goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, are global in scope and apply also in the Arctic. Sustainable development is at the core of the Arctic Council mandate. Accordingly, Finland proposes to explore how the Agenda 2030 framework can be used in Arctic cooperation for the benefit of humans and nature.”

The Arctic Spirit Conference serves this purpose by dwelling deeper into themes not too often discussed in Arctic events. The Conference starts by connecting the SDG’s and the Arctic by high-level speeches and panels on the role of economic development and the role of Arctic science. A panel of active young Arctic people wraps the talks up. On the next day, we focus on People in the Arctic by themes such as indigenous peoples and the media, the role of Arctic cities, well-being among young people, different modes of land use, bio-economy and education.

The event is held only a few weeks before Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence and this makes us focus also on the Arctic identity.

Registration is open for anyone for as long as there are seats but the aim of the event is not to get a maximum number of participants. The aim is having a forum for meaningful discussions and making as much relevance as possible.


The conference opening reception on 14th will take place in the Arktikum House, home of the Arctic Centre. 15 - 16 November the venue is the Lappia Hall, designed by the legendary architect Alvar Aalto. Rovaniemi hosts the northernmost university of the European Union (The University of Lapland) and it is a popular tourist destination, also known as the home town of Santa Claus – who, as a global symbol of good will, is always ready to meet prominent visitors and any child with secret wishes.

The 10th Polar Law Symposium on 13-14 November is integrated with the Conference.

Located at the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is the town where international Arctic cooperation on state level took its first steps. The so-called “Rovaniemi process” with the first-ever Arctic ministerial meeting in 1991 formed the structures of the current Arctic Council. The biannual Conference series builds on that tradition.



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Twitter: @TheArcticSpirit

Conference Coordinator, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
Rita Junes
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4182

Head of Science Communications, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland
Markku Heikkilä
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4300

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